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Woodworking: Wedge Table

San Francisco, CA , United States

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Wood Thumb was started by two brothers, Christopher and David, who set out to make a living by building beautifully designed products that embody sustainability, craftsmanship, and ingenuity. For the holidays growing up, their gifts always needed to be handmade which led to the creative, maker lifestyle they lead today. They're self-taught woodworkers who have really mastered the craft from the years of custom work and running Wood Thumb.

What we'll do

Introducing The Urban Living Series workshops from Wood Thumb. Learn the tools of the woodworking trade while building beautiful pieces for your home. Projects fit the ideal urbanite aesthetic - functional, beautiful, with minimal design. The Wedge Table: This little table, aptly named, wedges right in to those tight spaces! The interior shelf for storage, and multiple display positions, make it the perfect side table for small space living. Dimensions: 16x16x 12in Tools and Skills: Chop Saw Router table Nail gun Hand tools Choose your stain Engrave your own designs into the wood Sign up for Wood Thumb jobs!



for Woodworking: Wedge Table

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    $89 USD

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    $89 USD

    per person