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Time to write a book? Follow me…

Screw all the unaccomplished critics! Fulfilling that fantasy of holding a completed manuscript in your hands is absolutely possible. Writing is an art, and al...

Time to write a book? Follow me…
Emeryville, CA, United States
1 h
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1 - 100 Guest(s)

Screw all the unaccomplished critics! Fulfilling that fantasy of holding a completed manuscript in your hands is absolutely possible. Writing is an art, and all artists flourish with the right support and a proper critique. So, it doesn't matter if all you have is an idea scribbled into a bar-napkin. Get yourself some creative and professional guidance! As a professional story-artist, studying the craft of storytelling has been my life. It has taken me around the world, from Indonesia to Brazil and other fascinating countries, before I happened upon the Bay Area. Everything about writing is my passion, especially sharing what I've found with other writers! These classes are for everyone. Whether you are a short-story writer or working on a Children's Novel, here's what I offer… For an hour, select which one of the following classes interests you: 1. DISCOVERING THE MUSE WITHIN First and foremost, you absolutely must Identify where your inspiration comes from, what environment you are most productive in, and how to tap into your creativity at will. Writer's block isn't a thing. It is the absence of the the writer's ability to access their creative mind and focus appropriate problem-solving skills. This class will show you how to tackle any creative-obstacle and actively be the artist you are. 2. GIVING BIRTH TO AN IDEA Ideas don't just hit you. You create them. Give your subconscious some credit! But, wouldn't it be better if your conscious mind were formulating those ideas? Knowing how to cook a solid concept for a book is so easy, once you know how, you'll be able to generate a dozen or more a day. In this class, you will learn how to brainstorm an idea for your book and turn it into a professional elevator-pitch. 3. BAKING A BOOK Baking is both a science and an art. There are laws to be understood and worked with, but there is also room for creative design and spontaneity. Learning the laws of book-baking will provide the foundation for your creativity to build upon. This is the class in which you learn how to write a book from start to finish. 4. WHAT'S IN A NAME? Names have power! Whether it is the name of one of your supporting characters or the title of your book, any and all names should be carefully considered. In this class, you will learn the significance of a name, along with the tools available to you for choosing the perfect ones. After all, every good book needs a great title! 5. EDITING IS EVERYTHING Looking for a critique? Here it is. Bring what you have, no matter stage it is in, and get some solid feedback. I'll look at your premise, your characters, settings, conflicts and resolutions, your book's title, your style of writing, use of grammar, and more. This critique will not only provide feedback on your work, but teach you how to be a better editor. This is crucial, considering how the best editors make for the best writers! Once you've made a decision, we will meet in that fabulous park at the end of the Emeryville pier to focus on your process and aspirations. (Note that the Emery-Go-Round is a FREE shuttle service from the MacArthur BART station to the Emeryville pier and back, with stops in-between. Check out their schedule and route here: www.emerygoround.com) Prices: For one hour… $40 > 1:1 $30 each > 2:1 $25 each > a group of 3 or more (EDITING IS EVERYTHING is not available for a group.)

Note: The exact location will be disclosed once the host has accepted your request.
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Jesi is an accomplished writer with over a dozen short stories and a few short plays in her traveling-portfolio. Her old-world style of storytelling keeps her work out of print as she brings each story to life in public and private performances. Jesi's exploration of the narrative arts has taken her abroad to Central & South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Her educational background includes a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art & Design, a certificate from the Rhode Island School of Design, courses at the San Francisco Academy of Art University, a certificate from Inflexyon in Lyon, France, and tutelage under master craftsmen and storytellers in Ubud, Bali. For the past decade, Jesi has been devoted to developing her craft and sharing her findings with other story-enthusiasts. Looking forward, Jesi is focussing on turning her performance pieces into illustrated short-stories. Her love of drawing and painting with gouache and ink matches her zeal for writing.
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Time to write a book? Follow me…
Hosted by Jesi Fennessey
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