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Bleaching Techniques Workshop

Fullerton, CA , United States

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I started designing and crafting from about the time I started walking thanks to my mother and neighbors who helped inspire and encourage my creativity. Around the age of 15 when I got pulled into the wonderful world of clubbing and this was when I decided that I was going to start creating my own threads as I didn't want to wear the same old garb as everyone else. I moved to California when I was 20 to attend a fashion design school where I received my associate’s degree. Since then I have been creating one of a kind outfits for myself and friends. I flow between the Goth/industrial/Rave/Burner scenes. I absolutely love to design custom pieces for people, and to this day have not had any complaints with the unique creations that I have come up with. So if you have a concept for a garment and don’t have the skills needed to create it, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to bring your vis

What we'll do

Ever seen really nifty patterns on leggings but never able to find them in your size? Want to create a stunning one of a kind pair of leggings for festivals or parties? Or are you just over plain old solid color leggings? Then this is the workshop for you! I will be offering up her knowledge and skills to help you create a stunning pair(or 2) of awesome leggings. I will be showing you different techniques such as misting, tye dyeing, stenciling, and hand drawing. This class will give you a chance to learn all about Bleaching and will allow you to use these techniques on lots of other clothing pieces. The goal for this class is creating a unique "thigh high and garter" looking legging design but you're welcome to choose any design you please. WHAT TO BRING: The only thing you will need to bring is a pair(or few ) of leggings or t-shirts of your choice. Everything else will be provided for you. I will have lots of stencils, spray bottles, brushes, and bleach pens. IMPORTANT NOTE: When choosing your leggings or shirts please make sure that they are as close to 95% cotton as possible otherwise they may not bleach. I recommend darker colors as they show off the designs better. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Looking forward to being creative with you guys!



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    $35 USD

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    $35 USD

    per person