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San Francisco, CA , United States

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I am a seasoned designer and craftsmen in pattern making, sewing, production management and tailoring for bridal, couture garments, costumes and ready to wear. I am always seeking new challenges and other freelance positions, that will allow me to work with my hands and advance in the knowledge of construction. I have a broad spectrum of artistic endeavors including; teaching publicly and privately, owning and operating a wholesale clothing line, owning and operating two retail stores and hosting fashion events.

What we'll do

Are you looking for someone to teach you how to make patterns, sew and tailor garments? I am a seasoned designer and craftsmen in pattern making, sewing, production management. Im experienced in bridal, couture, costumes and ready to wear construction. I have been teaching publicly and privately for the last 6 years. I can teach you to sew on a home machine or industrial sewing machining. I'm offering custom made classes where I will teach you how to sew just about anything you're looking to learn within 8 hours total, days are suited to fit your schedule. Please message me if you would like a different date than is listed. ?Courses Could Include? 1.Knocking off a pair of clothing and replicating it. If you have a favorite pair of jeans, fav sweater, dress or blouse, we can replicate the pattern, cut, sew and make a new garment. 2. Making a hoodie or sweater, based on your measurements and sew to fit your body. 3. Making a cocktail dress for a party or special Event. 4. Making a skirt from measurements, having your basic sit pattern and learning how to manipulate the pattern to make a new pattern and cut and sew a new skirt. 5. Learn basic Tailoring, bring in garments you need tailored and we can cover the basics of hemming, taking a garment in and out, mending, reconstructing garments or re design. 6. Learn how to read a pattern that you have, cut sample, fit sample, re make pattern, cut in good fabric, sew garment and finish garment after final fitting. 7. Whatever you want, I'm open for recommendations and or any request, challenges or goals your looking to accomplish. My studio includes a pattern table, sewing supplies, dress making mannequins, hundreds of existing patterns, yds of fabric to use, 2 industrial single needle machines, overlock machine, coverstitch machining, baby lock machine and blind hem machine.



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    $600 USD

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    $600 USD

    per person