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Embossed Cuff Bangle Making Workshop

Anaheim, CA , United States

About Your Host

About Milad Rajabi: Milad Rajabi has been in the jewelry industry since 2000. He is an international jewelry artist and Goldsmith from Orange county, CA. He teaches jewelry making courses at various exhibitions and art organizations worldwide, including Tucson Jewelry & Gem Shows, and in Europe. He enjoys experimenting with different and new techniques. His work and jewelry have been exhibited in jewelry and handicraft exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany, China, Turkey and Iran. Milad, as a child, started goldsmithing; and had a college major in gem cutting. He graduated from Gemological Institute of America in 2014. He has a strong interest in gemstones. Unique stones has been used in most of his collections.

What we'll do

You will be taught on how to create a simple yet beautiful cuff bangle. Choose the pattern or design that will be embossed on to your cuff. We will show you on how to create synclastic or an anti-clastic shape onto a cuff You will learn how to use a variety of jewelers tools, including a torch, a Pepe Tools rolling mill, pattern plates, and a polishing machine. All the tools and materials will be provided for the class Metals of choice: Brass, or Sterling Silver(925) Studio Safety Requirements: No long sleeves shirts comfortable clothes (for studio work) closed toed shoes! Long hair tied in a bun or pony tail Protective eyewear and mask which will be provided. ------------------------------------------- Visit our Website! -------------------------------------------



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    $150 USD

    per person

    $150 USD

    per person