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Expressive Painting Series

Seattle, WA , United States

About Your Host

I am an Art Psychotherapist, Art Teacher, and Expressive Artist. I own Circle of Art Studios in Magnolia where we offer art classes, camps, workshops, birthday parties, adult art parties, business events, art therapy and mental health counseling services.

What we'll do

5 Week Expressive Painting Class (Start date is the date on calendar and class meets the same time and day of week for five weeks. ) Intuitive painting, also called expressive painting, is a soulful and inspirational means of painting from the inside out leading to mindfulness and self-discovery offered within a non judgmental space. Learning to let go of expectations and allowing the creative intuition to flow. This form of painting can enhance confidence and awaken creativity. A beneficial practice for professional artists as well as those who haven't used art supplies since childhood. We will also explore witness writing allowing for a deeper connection to the process.



for Expressive Painting Series

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    $225 USD

    per person


    $225 USD

    per person