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Flush Setting ~ Gypsy Setting

Brooklyn, NY , United States

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Liloveve is a boutique jewelry studio located in the vibrant and artistic neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We offer jewelry classes and workshops that explore the inherent creativity of our individual students as well as technical aspects of the craft. We function as a bridge between the art of jewelry making and the production aspects of the jewelry industry – reviving ancient hand crafting skills as well as understanding modern tools and techniques. Jewelry making is an antique art, having existed since the cave era. It has flourished throughout history up to our current day. We travel that rich lineage through a series of classes that delve into the organic handmade process, from introductory level courses up to professional model making and fine jewelry design.

What we'll do

Saturday + Sunday | July 22+23 | 11am-5:00pm | $240 This method of stone setting dates back to ancient times but has seen a resurgence in popularity in contemporary jewelry design. Students will learn how to set stones flush with the surface of their metal by carefully drilling, seating and then burnishing stones in place. This versatile technique will open up a world of design options for students while honing dexterity and skill applicable to any jewelry practice. We will explore hand-making and customizing tools, while sharing tips and trade secrets of the “old timers” in the industry and insider resources used by expert setters. Stone and ring samples are provided, Students provide their own tools. Prior silversmithing experience highly recommended. The Practice Kit will include silver practice plates, practice rings and practice gems.



for Flush Setting ~ Gypsy Setting

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    $240 USD

    per person


    $240 USD

    per person