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Intro to Shibori Techniques with Indigo

Brooklyn, NY , United States

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Karin Persan is a hands on textile designer and maker, working from her store and studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She received her BFA in 2001 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she focused in Fiber and Material Studies. She formed her line "Better Than Jam" of printed clothing and accessories shortly after graduating, while teaching on the side. In early 2010 she opened a boutique of the same name, which has since grown to include a communal studio and workshop space.

What we'll do

***this class can now be booked in 3 parts*** Come in and learn the traditional art of shibori dyeing with indigo dye. We start, learning how to start your own indigo vat and balance it, to keep it going. 3-5 folding and stitch resist techniques will be shown. Select the few you're drawn to and dye some of the plain items you have lying around the house! Clean, white or lightly colored natural fibers (such as cotton, silk, or wool) work best. Leave with one-of-a-kind fibers to keep or share! Introduction Intro class will focus of creating the indigo vat using pre-reduced indigo, while talking about all natural indigo and history of the process. 5-6 folding techniques will be shown including Suji, Itajime, Kanoko, Tegumo, Ne-Maki and Arashi. Look For: Intermediate In the next level of class, you will learn how to balance a vat that's already been started and used. More difficult techniques are shown like Tatsumaki, Miura, Yanagi and Kumo. As well as Nui, a beginner stitch resist. OR Stitch Resists with Natural Indigo Also an intermediate class, but we'll focus on stitching fabrics to form designs. Nui, Ori-Nui, Maki-Nui, Mame, and Boshi will be shown. An all natural batch of indigo will be used for this session, since the stitching will take some time and your pieces will be smaller. In this class you may only bring small pieces of fabric or we have banana size pieces for you to use, included in price. 18yr+ 6 students max Most supplies provided. Students are welcome to bring natural fabrics they want to dye. An email will be sent out with signup to explain all details.



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