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Leather and Feather Necklace Workshop

Fullerton, CA , United States

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I started designing and crafting from about the time I started walking thanks to my mother and neighbors who helped inspire and encourage my creativity. Around the age of 15 when I got pulled into the wonderful world of clubbing and this was when I decided that I was going to start creating my own threads as I didn't want to wear the same old garb as everyone else. I moved to California when I was 20 to attend a fashion design school where I received my associate’s degree. Since then I have been creating one of a kind outfits for myself and friends. I flow between the Goth/industrial/Rave/Burner scenes. I absolutely love to design custom pieces for people, and to this day have not had any complaints with the unique creations that I have come up with. So if you have a concept for a garment and don’t have the skills needed to create it, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to bring your vis

What we'll do

I will be teaching you how to make your own unique, hand-stitched leather necklace with feather accents. I will be providing you with all the supplies you need to complete your very own leather necklace. In this workshop, I will be showing you how to transfer a pattern to leather, how to cut and hole punch leather, how to dye leather, how to attach the feathers, and how to hand sew leather using sinew to create your own beautiful necklace. I have 3 different necklace styles for you to choose. You will have your choice of smooth leather or embossed leather if you would like to dye your own or I will have pre-dyed leather pieces that you can choose from. As well as, your choice of feathers. I will also have an assortment metal accent pieces that can be stitched onto the leather to jazz it up. This class will run $75 per person and this will include all the supplies you will need. This Class will be limited to 5 people so make sure to secure your spot now! If you have any questions , feel free to ask.



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    $75 USD

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    $75 USD

    per person