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Make Cool Embroidery Wall Art

New York, NY , United States

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If you’re in the mood for DIY, looking to take up a new hobby, or just want an excuse to get out of your apartment and do something fun and stress-free, CraftJam is the place for you! Here at CraftJam, we have literally made it our business to provide real-world workshops where anyone can make and create cool DIY projects in an upbeat and social setting. We know first-hand how therapeutic jewelry making can be after a long work day, and how friendships blossom over yarn, wine and conversation. Not sure you’re the creative type? Don’t worry about it! Whether you join us on your own or bring a plus-one (or five), we invite people of all skill-levels to come create with us! This is a great opportunity to give your brain a break from city life and let your imagination run wild!

What we'll do

Why? Why stick with store-bought home prints? Your space deserves a decorative touch that’s totally you! Try embroidering your own art statement (we promise it’s not scary). The class In our beginner-friendly class we’ll give you a rundown on the basics of this classic craft. In under two hours, you’ll learn: -How to prep your embroidery hoop for DIY magic -How to create and transfer your design onto fabric -The basics of selecting the perfect thread -How to start and end your embroidery project -How to create essential embroidery stitches, such as the running stitch, backstitch, split stitch and more. What to bring No tools? No problem! We’ve got everything you need right here, including a colorful selection of thread, needles, fabric and hoops. We’ve got everything you need, including a colorful selection of threads and supplies as well as design suggestions. We encourage you to brainstorm and print out any ideas you have for your embroidery project. We suggest simple line drawings, something that isn’t too complicated to complete in the two hour workshop. The embroidery hoops are 6”, so keep your design to around 4”-5”.  Find inspiration from our Embroidery Wall Art Pinterest Board and printable wall art pattern gallery. We have a selection of beginner friendly embroidery patterns, so don't fret if you don't have time to print your own! You are of course free to draw your own original designs. CraftJams are hosted in an intimate setting with a twelve attendee maximum. Make sure to purchase your ticket before the event is sold out! And don't forget... BYOB! Crafting is made better with a good drink in hand.



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