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Personalized Art Lessons - Private or Group Painting Parties

Chicago, IL , United States

About Your Host

Practicing artist with 25 years of teaching experience. Bachelors and Masters degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I love teaching people how to paint and draw. I am very good at it and I would love to help you. I focus on helping you with what you want to learn. Whether that is learning observational drawing and painting or developing your abstractions or animations. There are as many different types of artists as there are people. I will help you to find your subject matter, your voice and what you want to say as well. So my approach is not just technical but involves all aspects of being an artist and art making. I am captivated by the artistic process! It never ceases to amaze me. Being a practicing artist myself keeps my creative wheels oiled and provides me with insight you won't find anywhere else. I teach all ages and all levels of experience in all mediums! I have a space in the Pilsen neighborhood and also in West Rogers Park. Please feel free to message me with questions. (Painting party prices are per person)

What we'll do

"The artist is not a special kind of man, but every man is a special kind of artist." Ananda Coomraswamy (1877-1947), Indian writer. Transformation of Nature in Art. Have you always wanted to learn how to draw and paint? Not sure if you can do it? I have never failed at teaching someone how to. I've been teaching art for 25 years. I've taught college level at the top art school in the country and have taught people of all ages and backgrounds. I have a Bachelors and Masters degree in studio art from The Art Institute of Chicago. I'm a practicing artist who has invented some fantastic methods for learning how to create authentic art. I will be able to teach you how to paint like an old master, or to create beautiful abstract paintings, landscapes or still life paintings. If you aren't sure what you want to learn...I can help you figure that out in ten minutes! I can teach you how to find your artistic voice. This is my gift and I want to share it with you. Whether you are a beginner or are advanced and are experiencing a creative block, this session can get you on track and beginning to see and create art in pencil and paint. Sighting techniques, materials and techniques, subject matter, sources, and some hands on time with the actual materials are some of the things that will be covered.



for Personalized Art Lessons - Private or Group Painting Parties

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