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Drawing with Graphite Intro Session

Los Angeles, CA , United States

About Your Host

Hello! My name is Linda Wehrli. I’m an art and piano teacher based in Valley Glen, California. I named my school “Pastimes for a Lifetime” to stay true to my mission: Creating and nurturing pastimes that will last a lifetime. Sharing my joy and passion for art and music with my students and sparking theirs is a privilege. My students are my inspiration. Helping them achieve their goals and delight their souls is my calling. So, I gather you’re interested in drawing, painting, or playing the piano. Maybe a combo? I’m glad to help get you started or resume where you left off. To be quite honest, learning to draw, paint, or play the piano can be challenging. I’m guessing you are looking for a more robust no-nonsense curriculum to develop skills, either for yourself or your child. I’ve developed a robust no-nonsense curriculum for each course with unique, actionable information. (I wish I had these programs back in my day.) I’ll let you in on a little secret: My unpleasant experiences in various art and piano programs and with certain blasé or harsh instructors turned out to be my best teachers. They not only informed me what not to do but emphasized the importance of teaching with humor and humility! The studio environment, both online and live, allows me to listen to each student’s questions and concerns and answer them in real-time. Providing a more intimate learning environment stems from my personal mantra borrowed from American novelist and science fiction writer, Robert Anson Heinlein: “When one teaches, two learn.”

What we'll do

Ready to try your hand at drawing with graphite? Give the Intro to Drawing with Graphite course a try. Tuition includes instruction at Pastimes for a Lifetime's beautiful zen studio, a Project Booklet you may keep and complementary use of school supplies. Ideal for beginners as well as students returning to art classes after a long absence. Learn or rekindle basic skills. Unique projects may be taken home and practiced at your leisure. This lesson is also perfect as a fun cultural experience for visitors to LA, friends and family, and active seniors who want to have an enjoyable experience. Great for a date night, too! It's the perfect escape!



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    $30 USD

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