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6 hour private glassblowing - any day you choose

Alameda, CA , United States

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EDITED BRUTALLY SHORTER: “I am a professional glass maker and have worked with glass professionally since 2006. I have extensive experience guiding glassblowing classes, welcoming individual participants as well as groups. I create unique and personalized glass events. Having organized and lead one-off team building glassmaking workshops as well as coaching longterm private students to achieve their glassmaking goals I bring a wide range of experiences & people’s skills to my classes. Twice the hands-on time of any other Bay Area Glassmaking Class & my advanced glassmaking skills combined, make these classes the best value glassmaking experiences available! You can take a look at my resume on my website, Facebook and Instagram where you can also see what past students created and what projects I am currently working on! “ Education: BA in Glass, Glasswork & study experiences in Venice Murano (Italy), Corning & Pilchuck. Recent Artist in Residence in the UK, Visiting glassmaker in Bangkok. <>•<>•<> In a single class with me, Jason, you can create drinking cups, ornaments, cereal-dessert bowls, and sometimes water carafes; you can choose at the beginning of the class which you would like to create and I will assist you to fulfill your ambitions. The classes/workshops are suitable for anybody, there is NO upper age limit! You do not need to be very strong or possess any special skills before you come to a session with me.

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The Experience This class suits complete beginners as well as a regular glassmaking student. In this one day class you can learn how to make drinking glasses, terrariums, ornaments. The class Twice the hands on time of any other Bay Area Glassmaking Class make this the best value class around. Please note Get in touch and we will create it for you on the calendar! If you are continuing students you can learn vessel making, low bowl making, cane work, even learn to create lidded vessels... For beginners and intermediates alike this whole day class offers a great opportunity to get as much hands on time as you would like. Jason's prides himself of getting his students starting with making glass straight away, with each participant having more hands on time than is the average in other places. You can be as hands on as is right for you and Jason will step in and help you whenever you feel stuck or getting tired. In Jason's class you will have a feeling of being looked after and let free to explore at the same time. The day will begin with a health and safety introduction, followed by intro ducting the tools of the studio and a glassblowing demonstration so you can see what you will be doing. You will start working with the glass and the blowpipe within 30 minutes of the class starting. The format of the day is purposely kept flexible so that your personal interests can be taken into account. Jason is highly technically skilled and will instruct you to achieve your goals for the day, which you will set together with him at the start of the day. There will be a 60 minute lunch break in the middle of the session - please bring a snack or we will direct you to a nearby cafe, depending on the studio that we are working at. Making your day great & helping you create more and better glass projects than at other classes is our prime focus! P.S. don't see the date that you would like? Get in touch and we will create it for you on the calendar! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Important notice: Cancellation Policy While we try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible : Cancellations or date change requests are best made at least a week prior to your booking. This is because it is often not possible to fill a class cancelled on shorter notice than that and Jason enters a rental agreement with the glassblowing studio when he accepts your booking. As such, guests must cancel 7 days prior to the date of the experience, whether to cancel attendance completely or to move dates. By purchasing, you will be agreeing to this policy. Thank you!



for 6 hour private glassblowing - any day you choose

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    $600 USD

    per person


    $600 USD

    per person