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Learn Lightroom and Photoshop - Private Skype Lesson

Oakland, CA , United States

About Your Host

Victor Carreiro is a landscape photographer and a teacher of photography and post-processing based in the Bay Area of Northern California. His photographic style is typically characterized by dynamic wide-angle compositions along with the seldom telephoto shot to highlight the more intimate scenery of nature. In addition to nature photography, Victor does outreach ministry and photojournalism for a local church in San Francisco. While less ministerial, he nonetheless considers landscape photography to be the capture of God's beautiful and vast creation. If you would like to contact Victor about any questions regarding his work, please fill out a contact form. You can also find him on various social media outlets, which are linked on the homepage.

What we'll do

Clicking the shutter release on your camera is only half the battle in producing a good image. To get the most out of your photos, you will need to know how to post-process them with the available software today. Via Skype, I can teach you the basics of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to get you on your way to producing outstanding images. I go through all the basic principles, sliders, adjustments, and tools as you can watch my screen and ask questions along the way. The lesson will be recorded and provided for you to reference later on. We can work on one of your own images or one of mine that serves as a good example. Following are a list of areas that will be covered: Lightroom: •Importing Files and Organization •Color Spaces •Camera Settings and reading histograms •Full analysis of the development module •Adjustment tools and special tricks •Exporting and Image Size Photoshop: •General introduction to how Photoshop works •What you need and what you don't need •Layers and Maks •Adjustment layer overview •Emphasizing Light •Orton Glow •Sharpening •Final touches Requirements: Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop Skype



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