Free Class: Turbo Charge Your Public Speaking Skills and Confidence!

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The Magnetic Mission: To develop engaging and influential leaders around the world, and to provide them with the communication tools they need to influence people and change their world. We do this by breaking down the barriers, misconceptions, and fears that prevent people from being fully expressive.

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Join us today! Get Public Speaking and Presentation Skills coaching, training and support in a fun and supportive environment with like minded individuals Get professional feedback to improve and grow Learn the latest public speaking and presentation tips Attend our next Free public speaking workshops ************* Unleash your hidden power: We all have it as a presenter. Learn to bring yours out. Build and project confidence: in front of an audience, your boss or your customers. You know confidence is key to your success. Increase your presence and humor in front of an audience: Learn simple techniques to improve your body language and make others feel at ease around you. Practice your skills in a supportive and safe environment: The secret to learning to speak in front of others is to be completely honest, open and with non-judgmental support. Get hands on, experiential Training and feedback: Almost right from the start, you will be speaking, learning, and improving. Learn to think on your feet so that you are not dependent on notes, slides or luck. This program is based on NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) technology and improvisational acting techniques. You’ll learn from a national speaker and trainer the secrets to great public speaking skills. Your participation will help you: Become more comfortable in front small and large groups Learn to trust yourself Speak and think on your feet Increase your presence and charisma Improve by using coaching, training, and one-on-one feedback Build your public speaking skills in a fun and very supportive environment Deal with your fear and anxiety Participants have included; small business owners, students, coaches, speakers, teachers, real estate agents, and professional service providers. Their ages have been from 22 to 65. Anyone can participate and everyone will improve their confidence and speaking skills. “I found the small group and positive support system very helpful to finding my own voice. I learned about the image I present to others and how to improve it. Mostly, I gained new confidence in my voice and presentation. I highly recommend taking this workshop.” - Ron Usher, Instructor and Coach.



for Free Class: Turbo Charge Your Public Speaking Skills and Confidence!

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