Personal Hair Stylist!

San Francisco, CA , United States

About Your Host

Jaiya is a painter, sculptor, and hair artist. With a background in architecture and design, she is passionate about the intersection of form and function and has a refined eye for color, line, shape, and balance. Jaiya is passionate about her work, and enthusiastic about working with natural textures and growth patterns to create unique and flattering hairstyles for her clients. She draws inspiration from the beauty and efficiency of nature, the fluidity and grace of dance, and a wabi-sabi philosophy of finding beauty in imperfections and impermanence.

What we'll do

As an independent hair stylist, I offer my clients premium organic haircolor and low maintenance haircuts. I love researching natural and organic products and sharing information with my clients. When you become my client, I will work with you to evolve your style and ensure that you have healthy and beautiful hair every day.



for Personal Hair Stylist!

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    $75 USD

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    $75 USD

    per person