The Lash Lift Treatment

Beverly Hills, CA , United States

About Your Host

I am a very Creative Person, Who Uses Many Different Mediums As An Outlet Of Expressing My Emotions. I am A Certified lash lift trainer, artist and distributor who is Doing The Lash Lift Treatment and teaching courses in Beverly Hills. I am a strong believer in spirituality and spirit guides and angels. You can manifest anything.

What we'll do

Lasts 10 - 12 weeks!!! Similar to that of eyelash extensions, you're peacefully lying on a comfy table while the Lash artist works. However, the actual process is quite different. A curved silicon pad is secured onto your eye lid with water soluble glue. Your lashes are then curved back onto the pad, attached with the same glue, then let set for 1-2 min. Next your lashes are coated with a lift cream, then a setting lotion, then tinted and lastly a nourishing agent (which is an oil)—and you're lifted! Avoid water for 24 hours, but after that there really aren't any restrictions.



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    $120 USD

    per person

    $120 USD

    per person