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Learn the Art of Pickling with A Certified Master Food Preserver

San Francisco, CA , United States

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I grew up in Kansas, where food preservation traditions were strong. Both of my grandmas taught me how to make jams, pickles, sauces--and how to preserve them all for a well-stocked cellar. I always loved the process of starting a recipe from scratch and seeing it through to a beautiful jar sitting in the pantry. After years of working in women's human rights non-profits, I decided to make a career change and came full circle back to my love of food preservation. I founded McVicker Pickles in 2013, where I make and sell pickles, mustards and other preserved goods. I love sharing my passion for food preservation with other people. Seeing people get excited about their first jar of sauerkraut, or hearing from someone who caught the 'canning bug' and began making jams for all their holiday gifts is what I love most about this job! I am certified as a Master Food Preserver in San Francisco County.

What we'll do

Start Pickling with McVicker Pickles When you hear "pickles," what do you imagine? Probably those classic, crunchy dill pickles we all know and love. But there's so much more to the colorful world of pickling! In reality, you can pickle almost anything you want. Join pro pickler Kelly McVicker (owner of McVicker Pickles) in her Lower Haight home kitchen for this hands-on workshop using local, seasonal veggies to pickle your own jar. After welcoming you with samples of her most recent pickled concoctions, Kelly shares her tips for creating fantastic flavor combinations, experimenting with recipes without compromising food safety, and bringing pickles "beyond the jar" by using them in different dishes. You will also learn the basic steps for home canning, which you can use to preserve pickles, jams, and other foods for shelf storage (handy in case of a natural disaster or a Zombie attack, whichever comes first.) By the end, you will have mastered the basics of pickling alongside an expert in order to chop and preserve your own seasonal vegetables at home! In addition to this lifelong skill, you will leave with your handmade jar, a bag of McVicker Pickles’ special spice blend, and a list of recipes and resources for your future pickling endeavors. Class Overview & What's Included: -Welcome with a tasting of assorted pickles -Overview of ingredients, supplies and techniques -Step-by-step recipe instruction on fermentation and vinegar pickling (veggies vary by season) -Secrets for making crunchy, tangy pickles every time -Step-by-step instructions on home canning -What equipment you need, and what you can do without -Where to go for fresh, affordable produce and spices -How to ensure that you're preserving your food safely -Includes all jars, spices, materials and farmers market fresh produce -Each participant leaves with a jar of vinegar pickles and a container of fermented goodies! (sauerkraut or kimchi) Participant Reviews: "Kelly is super knowledgeable and very warm. An SF treasure, really. Her class will pique your interest in creating your own pickles. I'm certainly not a cook, but I learned enough to get started and have some good ideas about ingredients, and what I would like to pickle." --Bill B., San Francisco "Kelly was so wonderful and so was her class! We organized this with a bunch of friends. We played music, learned to pickle and had a great time! I definitely recommend this!!!" --Shanna T., San Francisco



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    $85 USD

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