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Asian Cooking Competition & Class

Chicago, IL , United States

About Your Host

Crave Cuisine is a Chicago based food company specializing in catering of private events, group cooking classes and custom classes (in your kitchen or in ours), dinner parties and weddings. Our mission is simple: healthy cuisine can be joyful, creative, beautiful and delicious! We are culinary artists who take great pride in the presentation and taste of each meal we create, while at the same time striving to inspire healthful eating practices.

What we'll do

Break into three groups/each group gets a box of semi-prepped ingredients & a photo of their appetizer. You have 30 minutes to make your apps, have the judge choose the winner(s) in a taste test. Next, visit the sushi station and a grab a “walk around and mingle dinner” served in individual take-out boxes with chopsticks. BYOB. Minimum: 12 Maximum of 24 Length: 3 hours Price per student: $65 Appetizers It's a competition, so shhhhh!!!! Dinner Sushi station ~ observe sushi being rolled and take part in making your own if you like! Peanut noodles



for Asian Cooking Competition & Class

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    $65 USD

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