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Hands-on Classic & Novelty Indian Cooking Classes!

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Currysutra invites you to join her on a food voyage through the heartlands of India and beyond. She has more than 20 years of experience in Indian cuisine. Her goal and vision are simple; to teach you how to make, eclectic and sustainable vegetarian & vegan (non-veg upon request) recipes effortlessly, packed with robust mouth-watering flavours and spices that have medicinal attributes. Teena's recipes are based on an old-world foundation & traditional Indian culinary style of cooking infused with a modern & health conscious focus on clean, seasonal and healthy ingredients, without sacrificing the flavour one bit. Her cooking classes are a hands-on experience where you can explore and chart new territories with the vast array of Indian curries & spices. Or, if you already know a thing or two, you can hone your skills and share what you learn with family & friends. For the past 10 years, Chef Teena has taught cooking classes at Stanford University, Whole Foods Market, and the San Carlos Adult Community Center, and to a multitude of private individuals and corporate clients in and around the Silicon Valley of Northern California. Some of her clients include Facebook, Google, Box, Intuit and Genentech. She teaches Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisines. And, most recently (April 2016) she launched a cooking school in the heart of the Peninsula! They specialize in Corporate Team Building events too. Most notably, Teena won the 2014 Live Well Network’s Summer Grilling Competition hosted by Chef Ryan Scott. The star dish that showcased her Indian heritage was a chic-Bollywood Curried Paneer & Veggie Pizza. Specialities include: Indian Curries Vegetarian & Vegan Cooking Eggless baking Indian Fusion Menu planning Recipe creation Party and event staffing Juicing Gluten-free Spice education Pressure Cooking

What we'll do

Ever wanted to learn the basics of Indian cuisine? Now you can learn & cook some classic dishes with Chef Teena of! In these Indian cooking classes, Chef Teena will teach you how to prepare great combinations of Indian recipes that can easily become a part of your family's recipe repertoire. You'll start with an Indian Spice Pantry education. The hues and scents are mesmerizing! Next up, she will teach students to prepare starters, main entrees, side accompaniments/condiments, dessert and beverages. Her recipes have been in her family's cooking treasure chest for generations and tested on several patrons at her family owned & operated Indian restaurant in the Midwest over the last few couple of decades. They are sure to WOW your loved ones! If you're so lucky, she will make you a hot cup Masala Chai tea that is made from her mother's very own hand crafted spice blend! Ask and you shall receive:-) You'll leave the classes feeling inspired and ready to cook delicious Indian dishes at home. When you can mix such rich flavors and spices with refreshing, wholesome ingredients, who says Indian cookery is impossible? Join Chef Teena as she takes you on uncharted paths of Indian cuisine! Note: Classes are offered Monday thru Saturday between 11-6p. Chef Teena also offers custom menus, personal chef services and private & corporate team building events. Class details: Indian Classics Menu: Masoor Dal (orange split lentil soup with tomato and spices), Jeera Chawal (cumin scented basmati rice), Raita (cucumber, herb and red onion yogurt dip, Papadams/Papads (handmade lentil wafers), Cilantro Mint Chutney (fresh herb relish) $115 per person Indian Specialties Menu: RAJMA MASALA, a kidney bean curry a.k.a. Indian chili, and ALLOO GOBHI MUTTER, curried potatoes, cauliflower and green peas, SHAHI PULAO, a fragrant basmati rice flavored with saffron-infused rose water and a beautiful blend of dried fruits and nuts, and a MANGO LASSI, a refreshing yogurt and fruit drink! $125 per person Meatless Mondays; Tofu & Tempeh curries Menu: Alloo Tofu Mutter (potato, tofu and green pea cooked in a curry gravy) Scrambled Tofu (curried tofu with red onions, mushrooms, and baby bell peppers) Tempeh Mutter Keema (curried tempeh with onions, tomatoes, garlic, and green peas) Dishes sampled with Basmati rice. $125 per person Paneer 101 Menu: Homemade Paneer (fresh Indian farmer's cheese), Mutter Paneer (cheese with curry gravy and green peas, onions and tomatoes), Jeera Chawal (cumin scented basmati rice), and Masala Chai (spiced Indian tea) $135 per person Indian Naan & Curry Pizzas Menu: Homemade NAAN bread dough, cilantro/mint CHUTNEY, two toppings for our pizza: 1) curried Paneer (Indian farmers cheese) with onions, baby bell peppers, and mushrooms, and 2) Channa Masala (chickpea curry with onions, garlic and onions). And, a MANGO LASSI, a refreshing yogurt mango drink! $135 per person Weekend Indian Brunch! Menu: Have you ever wondered what the Indian culture has developed in terms of brunch food? Learn the secrets behind making TOFU SCRAMBLE, a pan fried tofu dish cooked with baby bell peppers, mushrooms, and red onion. Next up, MASALADHAR ALLOO, boiled potatoes glazed with exotic spices. There's no brunch without potatoes in any world cuisine! BESAN POORAS, savory chickpea flour based pancakes with fresh veggies and spices. Instead of syrup, this savory pancake pairs with MINT/CILANTRO CHUTNEY, a fresh herb relish. Lastly, for something sweet, SOOJI KA HALVA, a semolina flour dessert cooked in ghee and sugar, with dried berries and nuts. $135 per person Celebrating Divinity! Hindu festivals and rituals and Deity celebrations are typically celebrated with the following foods: Puri (deep fried ballon bread), Kale Choley (black chickpeas), Bondi Raita (yogurt with savory chick pea bites & spices), Sooji Ka Halwa (semolina based dessert with nuts, berries, coconut and lots more!), and Masala Chai tea (spiced tea) Students will leave this class feeling blessed in body, mind and spirits :-) It's a meal fit for the Gods! $125 per person Exotic Indian This may not your everyday or Indian buffet spread, but even those these specialty recipes are not ordinary, they are quite delightful once you try them. They are also extraordinary for health. Students will learn to make the following 3 curries: Okra with onions aka Bhindi Masala, Masala stuffed Indian eggplant aka Chote Baigan, and Curried Gourd ...Parvel or Tindora or Kantola (seasonal availability). Sampling with ready made Indian naan bread. You will leave this class with exposure and delight in these new recipes that your family will learn to love! $125 per person Spice up your Dinner routine We are heating it up with a VINDALOO POTATO curry and a Smokey hot EGGPLANT curry. We'll pair these with Basmati Rice. And, lastly we'll cool down with a MANGO sundae OR Raita (lightly spiced veggie & fresh herb yogurt condiment) - client choice. DISTINCT SPICES AND STRONG FLAVORS! $125 per person Weeknight Indian Learn to make a savory Indian inspired donut (Masala Vada (corn & semolina based fritter), paired with a fresh herbed relish (cilantro/mint chutney) that will perfectly round out the intense flavors! Next, tackle Channa Masala aka chickpea curry just like a restauranteur! Paired with a cumin scented Basmati rice (jeera chawal) to compliment the curry. And, finish off or start with a cup of hot Masala Chai tea! $125 per person



for Hands-on Classic & Novelty Indian Cooking Classes!

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