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JASC (Japanese American Service Committee) engages people of all ages to experience Japanese American history and culture and to improve their well-being through innovative, high quality programs and services tailored to the multicultural community. We offer classes and services for people of all ages and experience levels: - Ikebana flower arranging classes (4 week sessions and holiday workshops) - Cooking traditional Japanese foods (hot-pot, sushi, tempura, holiday, ramen, obento, and more) - Language classes (beginner and intermediate) - Art classes (Sumi-e ink painting, origami, Shodo calligraphy) - Tampopo Kai children's classes for ages 0-5

What we'll do

Join us to see how Japanese appetizers are made- these small-plate snacks are good with drinks or as side dishes. This cooking class will provide demonstration as well as some hands on work in how to make (and eat!) a few varieties of Japanese appetizers. Some examples of what might be made in the class are listed below, though exactly what you will be making in the class is up to the instructor and what ingredients are available. Call us a week before if you would like a better idea of what will be prepared. Beyond edamame and tempura, here are some examples of what you might enjoy in this class: Gyoza, Japanese potstickers or dumplings with a shrimp or meat and vegetable filling that is pan fried and served with citrus soy sauce. Takoyaki, Japanese snack food (street food), which is a grilled pancake in the shape of a round ball with a piece of octopus in a soft center. Hanpen, Japanese boiled fish cake, is garnished with a spicy miso sauce or shoyu koji (fermented rice seasoning). Shoyuzuke Kyuri, Japanese side dish of cucumbers marinated in soy sauce and vinegar. Yakitori negima, skewered grilled meat and green onion or scallion. It is grilled with a savory teriyaki-style sauce. The class meets from 10:00 am to 12:30, come hungry as this is a great lunch and lesson!



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    $65 USD

    per person

    $65 USD

    per person