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Make & Take Chocolate Truffle Workshop

New York, NY , United States

About Your Host

Rhonda Kave, an entrepreneur and chocolatier owns and operates Roni-Sue’s Chocolates on NYC’s Lower East Side. Rhonda [a.k.a. Roni-Sue] made chocolates for over twenty-five years as a passionate hobbyist, informed by years of cooking and baking courses at the New School & Peter Kump/ICE before making it her career. A few years after starting Roni-Sue’s Kave’s desire for a more ethical and sustainable core ingredient led her to co-found MOHO Chocolate Company in Belize, Central America. Educating about chocolate has become another passion for Rhonda from hands on truffle workshops at Roni-Sue’s to developing and teaching bean-to-bar chocolate making classes as part of a STEM curriculum for NYC middle-school children. Kave earned her BA in Sociology from NYU as a returning learner in May 2007 where her research paper focused on farmers’ markets, sustainable agriculture & food insecurity in NYC. Rhonda is an active member of Les Dames d’Escoffier NYC chapter.

What we'll do

You'll feel just like a kid in a candy store! Join us for two hours of hands-on fun, making chocolate truffles to take home and enjoy.** ** (please note, we cannot add you to the class on the same day it is scheduled as we need notice one day in advance to prepare the elements of the class) Did you know Roni-Sue is a partner in a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in Belize? She loves to geek out about her favorite bean -- the cacao bean and the magical 'food of the gods', aka chocolate we make from it. We begin each class with a bean-to-bar chocolate tasting followed by a wine pairing with samples of our handmade truffles using our own direct-trade chocolate! You'll get to ask all your chocolate questions while tasting samples from around the world! Then you'll work in our kitchen to create your own confections, hand-rolling and finishing truffles and learning to make your own ganache. DO try this at home!



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    $75 USD

    per person


    $75 USD

    per person