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Japanese Cooking - Nabe-Mono (One-Pot Dishes)

Chicago, IL , United States
3h 30m

About Your Host

JASC (Japanese American Service Committee) engages people of all ages to experience Japanese American history and culture and to improve their well-being through innovative, high quality programs and services tailored to the multicultural community. We offer classes and services for people of all ages and experience levels: - Ikebana flower arranging classes (4 week sessions and holiday workshops) - Cooking traditional Japanese foods (hot-pot, sushi, tempura, holiday, ramen, obento, and more) - Language classes (beginner and intermediate) - Art classes (Sumi-e ink painting, origami, Shodo calligraphy) - Tampopo Kai children's classes for ages 0-5

What we'll do

Nabe-Mono are one-pot (also called hot-pot) dishes designed to be cooked and eaten at the table. Flavored with a citrus sauce and soy sauce this shared meal is a good way to warm up in the wintertime. Learn basics of how to make: Sukiyaki - thinly-sliced beef, tofu, vegetables, and noodles Chiri-nabe - fish, seafood, tofu, and vegetables Price includes all materials and food needed, come hungry and ready to share a warm meal with friends!



for Japanese Cooking - Nabe-Mono (One-Pot Dishes)

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    $65 USD

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    $65 USD

    per person