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Learn the Art of Risotto- Healthy and Versatile- Vegetarian/ Vegan

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I love to cook! I started cooking when I was 4 years old with my Grandmother. Over the years I have dabbled into just about every type of cuisine. I love cooking so much that I started my own cooking group three years ago on meetup. Now we have 1000+ members, and we are always cooking up new and exciting meals. I am happy to set up classes by special request on a day or time that fits into your schedule. Please message me.

What we'll do

Calling all risotto lovers, this class is for you. We all know that risotto can be a hit or miss dish when ordering at a restaurant. Sometimes it is too soggy, or sometimes it is too hard. In this class you will learn how to make perfect risotto. We will be working with two different variations of the rice that can be used when making any type of risotto. 1. Arborio The standard rice which most people have come to associate risotto with. It is an Italian short-grain white rice. 2. Farro This is a healthy alternative to using the Arborio rice, but it tastes just as good. Farro is a food composed of the grains of certain wheat species and contains 7g of protein per serving. The two dishes that you will learn to cook: 1. Saffron Risotto with Butternut Squash This is a classic favorite. My variation also contains saffron, shallots, and pancetta. However, if you prefer to make this in the vegetarian variation please send me a message before the class and we will leave the pancetta out. 2. Wild Mushroom Farro Risotto This dish contains a whopping 46g of protein. Instead of topping of this risotto with the traditional parmesan cheese we will be using goat cheese for a nice distinguished flavor. The great thing about risotto is that once you master the art of cooking it correctly you can create endless variation of the dish at home. Some examples are lentil risotto, asparagus risotto, and one of my favorites Lavender-Honey Risotto. At the end of this class we will enjoy our creations together over a few glasses of wine.



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    $50 USD

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    $50 USD

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