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Celebratory Tasting Menu Prepared By Professional Chef At Y ....

San Francisco, CA , United States

About Your Host

Chef Lisa Hines is the Vivienne Westwood-meets-Alice Waters of local ingredients. Lisa’s contextual, travel-inspired style has won her guests over and over again. When it comes to cooking with flair, Chef Lisa prepares vibrant and feel-good dishes drawn from the casual-chic lifestyle of the West Coast. Lisa has been featured in numerous articles in magazine, print and television. Her cooking adventures have led her to doing stints as private chef to Charles Schwab and cooking for contestants & crew of Bravo's "Top Chef". Mom to Milan, 12 and Luca, 10, Lisa is inspired by her non-profit clients, San Domenico School, The Conservation Corps and Rotacare. Out of her downtown San Rafael kitchen for seventeen years, Lisa's guiding rule is defining. Food is simple, therefore, have fun with it! Lisa’s food is youthful, style-driven, and inspired by travel to hotspots from near and far. Let us inspire you.

What we'll do

Fete a special occasion with an haute menu at home when you invite Chef Lisa Hines into your kitchen! For this formal dinner, Chef Lisa will cook an amuse-bouche and five culinary delicacies. Meticulously prepared and utilizing her technical skills as a classically trained chef, your menu starts off with a decadent amuse-bouche. The first bite will be followed with a beautiful first course such as a prawns provençale butterflied with Pernod, panko, parsley, and garlic on micro-greens and wild mushroom duxelles — depending on seasonality and the availability of ingredients. The second course is an inventive salad. You’ll cleanse the palate with an intermezzo (think champagne sorbetto) before diving into the richness of a main entree. On the sample menu is a filet of beef with a balsamic reduction and petite lobster dumpling. The meal will finish with an exquisite dessert such as a citrus napoleon surrounded by fresh berries. If you have a special bottle of wine you have been saving, this would be an opportune occasion to open it!



for Celebratory Tasting Menu Prepared By Professional Chef At Y ....

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    $125 USD

    per person

    $125 USD

    per person