Future Technology Escape Room

San Francisco, CA , United States

About Your Host

Reason is pioneering a new category of escape rooms that fuses future technology exploration and physical teamwork through a carefully crafted immersive experience. In this digital age we believe it’s important to humanize our connection with tech and with each other.

What we'll do

You and your friends are trapped in a reactor room together -- no smartphones, no cameras. The reactor has been sabotaged and needs to be shut down in order for you to escape. How? That's for you to figure out. Clues are embedded everywhere. You have to use your powers of observation, pattern recognition and logic to find connections and correlations. More importantly, you have to work together as a team. It's a full-immersion brain teaser that weaves the fiber of science fiction into actual-reality. Perfect for friends, special events, and corporate team building. To experience this at our location, the experience requires a minimum of 5 players, and maxes out at 10 players (one flat price per session). To hire us to host off-site at your location, a minimum of 20 participants is required, at $50/person for four hours (sometimes longer or shorter), with 3 catering options, customized start and end times (i.e. start at 8:45am), and more. Choose the option you want on the booking section to the right! If you want to figure out details for an off-site private event, just message us!



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    $480 USD

    per person

    $480 USD

    per person