Vault Escape: Mad Scientist Escape Room

Riverside, IL , United States

About Your Host

The Vault Escape is a live-action, interactive entertainment experience designed for small groups. Whether your team consists of family, friends or coworkers you have one goal: ESCAPE! Your team will need to work together to seek out hidden clues, to solve riddles and to complete puzzles. Everything you need to escape is located somewhere in the room. Sixty minutes will fly by as you use your common sense, deductive skills and powers of observation to defeat the game. Will you escape?

What we'll do

You have been hired to come and defuse the work of crazed Mad Scientist and general evil-doer, Doctor Isabella Calloway. Dr. Calloway is well-known for her devious nature and her love of puzzles of all kind. Can you look into her mind and find the secrets necessary to solve her twisted puzzles and defuse the bomb? Time is ticking and mankind is counting on you! Difficulty Level: Moderate



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    Vault Escape

    $32 USD

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    $32 USD

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