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Make your Airbnb Listing Better!

Gardena, CA , United States

About Your Host

Avid explorer of technology and other chronically frustrating things. Experienced marketing professional and recently quite interested in the concept of familial obligation! He's not afraid to click it until it breaks, thus giving him amplitudes of experiences that would have driven most folks to the edge by now! Let his blatant disregard for the word "No" and "Can't save you some trouble and open up a few unexplored doors!

What we'll do

Why do the same 5 listings always show up at the top of the AIRBNB search? There are many reasons and we can help you give them a run for their money. We will review pricing, your photos, descriptions and profile information.



for Make your Airbnb Listing Better!

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    $49 USD

    per person

    $49 USD

    per person