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The place where people who are conversant with, dedicated to, and influenced by Japanese arts can gather, create innovative arts through the collaborative process and disseminate them to the world.

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ようこそ!(Yokoso!) Welcome! This class is meant for Japanese language beginners. Let’s watch Japanese anime and learn basic expressions, such as greetings, “This is X”, “What is this?” etc. in Japanese. Also, you will learn Japanese conversation from the anime and do role playing. Come and learn basic Japanese while watching anime! In this class you will build basic Japanese conversational skills to allow you to carry on a basic dialogue with others. From greetings and introductions to asking for information and shopping, this course will provide you with necessary skills that you can use in everyday life. Here are some examples of programs offered in the class. Let us know the anime that you want to feature in the class! In this class, you will watch scenes from anime such as: One Piece, Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin, Log Horizon, Working!!! -Wagnaria-, Hyouka, Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kami-kakushi), and the Rilakkuma Movie. Price: $25 for the 1 hour class. Classes happen every Saturday! 4:00pm - Advanced 5:30pm - Beginner - Level 1 7:00pm - Beginner - Level 2 Sample Lesson Schedule BLEACH episode 1 Expressions: self-introduction, classroom Japanese Grammar: S wa noun desu. Others: write your name in katakana, number ONE PIECE episode 62 Expressions: talking about myself Grammar: question sentence, particle “no” Others: hiragana & katakana (a-gyo, wa-gyo) ONE PIECE episode 54 Expressions: introducing someone to someone Grammar: ko/so/a/do Others: hiragana & katakana (ka-gyo, ga-gyo, ya-gyo) ONE PIECE episode 228 Expressions: talking about one’s condition Grammar: adverbs Others: hiragana & katakana (na-gyo) BLEACH episode 128 Expressions: shopping conversation Others: Japanese currency, hiragana & katakana (ha-gyo, ba-gyo, pa-gyo) ONE PIECE episode 527 Expressions: talking about your daily life Grammar: verb conjugations Others: hiragana & katakana (ma-gyo) About the Instructor HIROKO MIYASHITA graduated from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University with a bachelor degree of Linguistics in 1999. Her major was applied linguistics, especially second language acquisition. She also has a certificate as a Japanese language instructor from World Japanese Language Center in Australia. She moved to NY in 2004 and has been teaching Japanese since 2007. She loves theatre going, running and dancing.



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    $25 USD

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    $25 USD

    per person