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Igniting the Presenter in You! (For Professionals)

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At some point or another, we've all had to deal with fear of speaking in public. Standing up in front of a room full of people, going into a job interview, schmoozing at a party, speaking in a meeting, pitching our business... these are common, stressful situations that can provoke profound anxiety. Whatever the cause, Embodied Minds can help. We work creatively with clients on the art of conversation, public speaking and presentation. Our coaching gets results, dramatically improving interpersonal skills, as well as personal and professional relationships. History and Approach Embodied Minds co-founders Shira Lahav and Leticia Warner graduated from the NYU Drama Therapy Masters program in 2010. After working as drama therapists in hospitals, agencies, and privately, we realized our backgrounds in theater and psychology could combine to create a unique, exciting approach to public speaking consulting. Most public speaking companies focus on surface solutions rather than delving deeper and addressing underlying sources of anxiety. Embodied Minds is different! We have devised a revolutionary approach to public speaking focused on client creativity and confidence. We are dedicated to helping you work through your fear of public speaking. We tailor each session to your needs. We use creative methods and will not ask you to simply stand up and present. The goal is always to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe enough to put your best presenter forward.

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In today's technology saturated society, most people can write a perfect e-mail, tweet, or Facebook message. However, many people falter or are terrified to the point of paralysis when they have to speak to their boss or present to a room full of colleagues. Embodied Minds Public Speaking Consultants strives to instill presentational and public speaking skills in individuals looking to improve their interpersonal, educational and/or professional relations. Our services aim to enhance one's internal and external social constructs. Embodied Minds offers a creative twist on conventional public speaking techniques. Our workshops introduce principles and practices, which effectively improve our clients' communication skills and personal goals. This workshop is 1 hour and 30 minutes (90 minutes).



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    $60 USD

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