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Marty McConnell is the author of "when they say you can't go home again, what they mean is you were never there," which won the 2017 Michael Waters Poetry Prize and is forthcoming in 2018 on Southern Indiana University Press. Her first nonfiction book, “Gathering Voices: Creating a Community-Based Poetry Workshop,” is forthcoming in 2018 on YesYes Books. She is the author of wine for a shotgun, (EM Press), which received the Silver Medal in the Independent Publishers Awards, and was a finalist for both the Audre Lorde Award (Publishing Triangle) and the Lambda Literary Awards. She is also a seven-time National Poetry Slam team member, the 2012 National Underground Poetry Individual Competition (NUPIC) Champion, and appeared twice on HBO’s “Def Poetry Jam.” McConnell’s work has been published in numerous anthologies, including Best American Poetry 2014, A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry, City of the Big Shoulders: An Anthology of Chicago Poetry, Word Warriors: 35 Women Leaders in the Spoken Word Movement, as well as journals including Bellevue Literary Review, Willow Springs, Gulf Coast, Indiana Review, Crab Orchard, and Beloit Poetry Journal, among many others.

What we'll do

WHAT VITAL POETRY COACHING INCLUDES Working one-on-one with me means that you get: * guidance in defining your poetry goals * a personal plan for achieving your goals * a customized reading list Everyone’s growth plan is unique, but typical components and options include: * close reading of published poems and complete collections * generation of new work * revision support for new and existing poems * guidance in seeking publication THE VITAL POETRY COACHING PHILOSOPHY Poetry leads us deeper into ourselves and from there, further out into the world with keener understanding of our place in it. *This* is how poetry makes the world better. Not because your particular poem will change someone’s mind about a critical issue, though it might. Not because you speak for those who cannot, though you might. Not because it feels good to get terrible things off our chests, though it usually does. Not because it’s fun or exciting or intellectually challenging, though it can be and can be and often is. Here’s the thing: *You don’t have to do it alone.* The world-saving work of poetry starts right now, right here, with you. It’s already started. What I want to do is work with you to go deeper. So we can go further. Here’s the other thing: *You don’t have to be great already.* Hell, you don’t have to be great at all. But maybe you are! Or maybe you could be. The fact is, it’s the work that counts. It’s the work that changes the world. Let’s do it together. We’ll explore what’s vital about your writing. What’s life-giving about the poems we read. We’ll make a plan based on your highest aspirations and you will meet them.



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