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Power Animal Meditation

Frankfort, IL , United States
1h 15m

About Your Host

I loving sharing my skills! I teach geography and contemporary world culture in college settings and everything else I love in and out of college. I've been a professional animal communicator for more than 10 years, with four years experience teaching for Animal Spirit Network and 8 years independently. I also teach Reiki, green living, shamanism and drum making. While my animal communication practice is primarily dogs, cats and horses, I've also worked with two zoos. I've had the opportunity to chat with animals as small as spiders and poison arrow frogs and as large as elephants and giraffes. My Reiki practice includes both animals and people. I love to teach people how to meditate with their dogs and cats. I've shared my life with a variety of animals but most notably with horses and a succession of hedgehogs. I judge both agility and conformation events for hedgehogs and authored a book on hedgehog care. My animal communication skills and my passion for all things hedgehog have also earned me spots on WGN radio and TV here in the Chicago area, at numerous other stations in the U.S., and even on BBC radio in the U.K.

What we'll do

Join me on a Friday evening for a powerful meditation with the animals. You can focus on one of your companion animals, one of your power animals, or you can pull an animal card from a deck to see who wants to work with you for the evening. This is a wonderful chance to relax in our peaceful country setting on a Friday night. Not only will you be able to relax, but you'll be able to share an amazing session with the animals. The guided meditation takes you on a journey to experience the world from an animals point of view. If you choose to focus on one of your companion animals, you are likely to deepen your connection through an improved understanding of how your companion views your shared world. If you choose a power animal or an animal at random, you have an opportunity to expand your awareness of animals as sentient beings and of the contributions they can make to your life. No previous experience with meditation (or animals) is necessary. This meditation will be held indoors. When weather permits, we offer participants the opportunity to spend additional time in our peaceful setting to enjoy a fire outdoors.



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