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Robot Date Night

Chicago, IL , United States

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At Robot City, we’re committed to spreading our enthusiasm for robotics and applied sciences. We believe that building robots isn’t just for nerds – it’s the future, and we want to spark an interest in technology in kids and adults of all ages. Building robots is fun and exciting, but it’s also important because it provides lessons in teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving and improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. We believe that a “learn by doing” approach to science gives students a better understanding of how things actually work, and gives them real world skills that they can use outside of the classroom. Most importantly, it gives students a creation that they can be proud of having made themselves.

What we'll do

BYOB Date Night with Robots!
Robot Date Night is a special, after hours, BYOB event for adults looking to put that little extra spark in their relationship. During the night couples get to brave the love tester, find out if they remember how to build a simple circuit and of course build their very own robot to love and cherish. You can choose from over twelve different DIY kits! During the build a fun, robot-themed movie will be playing as background ambiance while the love birds get to enjoy beverages of their choice and popcorn delivered by a cool Omnibot 2000! Finally, we wrap the night up with a quick round of our robot movie trivia quiz! $75 per couple - Robot Kits Included!!!



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    $75 USD

    per person


    $75 USD

    per person