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FIRE!! Learn how our ancient ancestors made fire in Central Park

New York, NY , United States

About Your Host

Thomas is an adventurer at heart and loves to be outdoors no matter what the season! He has been studying at Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School for the past 6 years. He regularly stays in contact with indigenous tribes across North America, who have ancestral and deep knowledge of nature. Thomas also taught students at the NYC Outward Bound Center and the Education Through Adventure (ETA) program. As a father, he loves sharing his passion for nature and wilderness with kids, and he enjoys showing them the beauty and secrets of nature.

What we'll do

In this workshop, you will rediscover and experience Central Park in a completely different perspective! Thomas, a Primitive Skills instructor, will teach you all aspects of fire while exploring the North Woods of Central Park. This workshop is a great way to disconnect from your busy schedules (and smartphones!) and reconnect with nature. You’ll have the opportunity to: - Learn what plants are used for friction fires - Try your hand at making fire by friction with flint and steel, a bow drill, or flower stalk - Make cordage from plant fibers for your fire by friction kit - Learn where to find tinder and dry wood and make a proper fire lay up - Learn how to identify wild edibles and natural healing elements Join Thomas as you explore your next outdoor adventure together!



for FIRE!! Learn how our ancient ancestors made fire in Central Park

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    $35 USD

    per person


    $35 USD

    per person