Make Music... Fun! Music Theory through Piano

Belmont, MA , United States

About Your Host

Allyssa began playing piano at age 9 (although if she had had it her way it would have been age 6). Since then, music has been an essential part of her life, shaping the way she solves problems, listens to new songs, and generally makes sense of the world around her. Having spent 15+ years as a music instructor both privately and as part of a school, Allyssa has worked with various personality types, skill levels, and learning abilities. When not teaching piano in the Boston area, she freelances in alt-academia and tutors, travels a lot, and enjoys baking. She lives with some friendly felines (who aren't welcome in the teaching room :) ).

What we'll do

Spend 2 hours with an experienced musician, and leave with a solid foundation for crafting your musical journey! Whatever your background, and whatever your musical goals, this workshop (or series of workshops for younger participants) will provide you with skills which enable you to start experimenting with your own song-crafting at home, or the knowledge needed to confidently begin regular lessons. Instruction takes place at the piano (or whatever key-based instrument you have in your home, if we negotiate an in-home lesson). You will learn which tones sound better together--and more importantly, why! This knowledge is transferable to any instrument, but is explained on the piano because of its visual simplicity; if you have a different instrument (or laptop-based program) that you would like to play on, please feel free to bring it too! Alternatively, if you would like feedback on piano-playing technique, my 15+ years experience as a piano instructor will be at your service. Either way, one-on-one instruction allows for detailed, comprehensible feedback. Two scheduling options are available, each at introductory and not-so-introductory levels: + One 2-hour session, which includes approximately 90 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of guided practice/experimentation (at a reduced rate of $50/hour) + 2-4 shorter sessions, intended for younger participants or those with more restrictive schedules, totally approximately 2 hours of lesson time (4 lessons would be 30-40 minutes, 3 lessons would be about 45 minutes, and 2 lessons would be about an hour) Verlocal's calendar doesn't allow me to easily represent this flexibility, so feel free to message if you're interested in a time that isn't listed exactly. If you would like lessons in the comfort of your own home, and have a suitable piano or keyboard there, please send me a message directly! Please note that times may be restricted from the availability listed here. *Allergy alert* Workshops are primarily offered at my house, which, while clean, is also home to cats.



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