Intro to Camping and Backpacking

Chicago, IL , United States

About Your Host

Hello! I'm Aaron and I absolutely love the outdoors - so much that I've made it my business to connect anyone I can with nature. There's really so much to see that no one knows about and when I get the chance to help people connect with one another and our natural environment, well it makes all the work worthwhile. I am a registered outfitter and guide with the Hoosier and Manistee National Forests and have built my company, Adventures Accessed around providing the tools necessary to connect with the outdoors. From full backpacking systems and camping gear to expertise, transportation and permits, so long as you answer the call of the wild, I'm there to see you through. When I'm not kickin' it in the forest I enjoy talking about kickin' it in the forest, hanging in the hammock and taking advantage of Chicago's culinary endowment.

What we'll do

Enjoy Chicago's nature Come spend two nights and three days in the Hoosier or Manistee National Forest and learn the basics to primitive camping and backpacking. You'll be transported; fully outfitted with top of the line equipment and given all the guidance you'll need to enjoy and thrive in the outdoors. All meals while in the backcountry are also included but please let me know of any food allergies. As a group we can decide between the Hoosier in southern Indiana or the Manistee in western Michigan, both beautiful, rugged and vast in their own right. Hidden lakes, limestone filtered springs and miles of trails will help us appreciate the wilderness and work as a team to accomplish the demands of spending time outdoors.



for Intro to Camping and Backpacking

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    $249 USD

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    $249 USD

    per person