Primitive Skills Rewilding 101

Chicago, IL , United States

About Your Host

Outdoors enthusiast, animals lover and care taker. I have services and skill I want to share and teach others. I go with the flow and I'm flexible about my scheduling

What we'll do

The first in a series of adventures. The goal behind this class is to teach others primitive living skills as well as some basic outdoor skills how and where to set up camp ,tell time based on sunlight, direction and navigation. Anything you may need to know outside of modern civilization. Materials needed will include a backpack-boots(or shoes you're willing to get dirty)- Long pants also be sure to bring a long sleeve of some kind ie. sweater or flannel. Most classes will take place in local cook county and surrounding forests. Trail hiking, proper bag prep and supplies will be gone over and taught. Learning to identify helpful as well as harmful plants and animals is something you will learn in this processe. There are so many things to be taught it's impossible to go over them all here but in a small list. You will learn about wildlife both animal and plant, geology we will be finding gems crystals and minerals as well as learning how to identify them. This is a full on outdoor learning experience. (If the times and dates listed don't fit your schedule please message me any accommodations can be made)



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    $20 USD

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