Depth Hypnotherapy Session

Los Angeles, CA , United States

About Your Host

I am Certified Hypnotherapist/Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Creativity Coach and Visual Artist. I have a practice in Los Angeles and work virtually and over the phone as well. I use these creative forms to help my clients rediscover a sense of self-love through gentle and supportive techniques of transformation. With a decade-long background as a Doula, I find that my work in birth has woven into my current practices, and has transformed the way I see my life and the lives and experiences of my hypnotherapy clients. While I’m serious about supporting folks in their process, I use humor and a playful spirit to make healing and personal transformation energizing and attainable.

What we'll do

If you are ready to dive into your process of healing at the root of what holds you back this is the package for you. The call to this path might come in the form of an obstacle like: a creative block, depression/anxiety, lack of confidence/self worth, shame, guilt or any other pattern that no longer serves you. Underneath these challenges is your heart’s desire to heal, to feel more at peace, to live bigger and freer than you have in the past. So it's wonderful that you are listening! This 4 session hypnotherapy package (60-75 min each) is designed to bring clarity around any challenges you are facing, in order to bring a deep healing and spark your transformative growth. Each package is customizable and draws upon the tools of the shamanic journey, meditation, inside inquiry, deep discussion, and depth-hypnosis. Depth Hypnosis is a form of hypnotherapy that integrates applied Shamanism, Buddhist psychology, transpersonal psychology, and energy medicine. It was developed by Dr. Isa Gucciardi at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream and Association of Depth Hypnosis Practitioners. Depth Hypnosis moves beyond traditional suggestion hypnosis and uses the breath, the trance state and stream of consciousness questioning as the main tools for accessing the subconscious. When you access the subconscious, you’re able to get at the root of what’s blocking you or holding you back, clear it, and make space for new awesomeness to beam in. After just a few sessions, clients report a deep and long-lasting shift around the presenting issue. Depth Hypnosis helps to heal: • trauma/ pain • feelings of shame and low self-worth • depression/ anxiety • self limiting patterns/ harmful habits • food and body issues • relationship issues • creative blocks • feelings of being stuck • fears/phobias Depth Hypnosis supports: • an increased feeling of balance and joy • creative and spiritual growth • times of change and transition • a healthy relationship to your body • fertility and conception • birth preparation • postpartum adjustment



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    $175 USD

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