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About Your Host

I specialize in bodywork delivered with a compassionate and energetic touch. I address the body with regard to structural alignment and posture, fascial restrictions, range of motion and lifestyle habits. Through client education, I find the healing process to be faster and the client more empowered, when taking an active role in their own healing. I firmly believe that bodywork can allow the client to reach higher levels of physical and emotional well being.

What we'll do

Balanced Bodyworks LA caters to clients of all types--whether you have back pain from hours of sitting at a desk, or carpal tunnel from typing on a computer, or you have a sports related injury, or you are prepping for a marathon or triathlon; We can help! Our staff has one singular goal: to reduce pain, improve performance and achieve optimal results. We are sports minded people who understand the human body and the way it is made to move. The bodywork session that you receive is always designed and tailored to your specific needs. Let the knowledgeable staff at Balanced Bodyworks LA reverse the damaging effects of overuse injuries and provide you with the care needed to help you reach higher levels of physical and emotional well being. Our signature bodywork is a fusion of leading-edge clinical manual therapy techniques that include orthopedic massage, sports therapy, active and passive release techniques, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, structural integration, postural realignment, myofacial release, active isolated & PNF stretching, corrective exercises and more. Our bodywork sessions can provide relief for the following conditions: Upper and Lower back pain Neck Pain Tension Headaches Knee pain Hip Pain Ankle Pain Shoulder injuries Pulled muscles Sprains and Strains Carpal Tunnel Sciatica



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