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Christina Shiu, Hong Kong, owner of The Singing Bowl Gallery is passionate in promoting sound as a tool to bring back peace and balance to people’s life in simple and effective way. She has collaborated with many sound practitioners and played regularly for groups and retreats. Her learning and teachings are rooted in the original lineage from her teachers from the Nawali & Tibetan traditions. Christina has been widely exposed to classical music and live performances, she engages participants with sensitivity and artistic touch in her playing.

What we'll do

Singing bowls are a quintessential aid to meditation. The sounds produced by the bowls evoke a deep sense of relaxation in us, allowing the body, mind and spirit to melt away the stress of day-to-day life. Therapy Sessions Deep Resonance Session The vibrations of these large Fullmoon Singing Bowls will bring the participant to a deep meditative state through resonance and entrainment. The resonance helps to cleanse and balance the chakras, bringing back deep sense of peace and well-being. Singing Bowl Massage Depends on each individual's needs and conditions. Singing Bowl Massage will be applied to address targeted issues. The vibrations of the singing bowl can reach deep beyond skin and flesh to revitalize you at a cellular level bringing back balance to the affected areas.



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