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I am a New York State Licensed and Board Certified Massage Therapist who has worked with hundreds of clients. Conveniently located near the Union Square, East Village, and Gramercy Park neighborhoods, I specialize in chronic pain relief, postural alignment, and mobility. I focus on helping: Repetitive Stress Injuries: Office workers, desk sitters, high heel walkers, backpack carriers, and other repetitive stress injuries. Sports & Fitness: Marathon runners, snowboarders, fitness buffs, dancers, and others injured while doing sports and fitness. Recovering: Car accident victims, recent surgery patients, patients trying to avoid surgery, chronic illness sufferers, and others who are recovering. My work is primarily a blend of Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Medical Massage, and Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. Sessions are focused on alleviating your pain, tension, and restrictions, improving your alignment, and enabling you to move freely. Whether it’s running marathons, writing novels, or lifting up your child for a squeeze, my goal is to help you do what you love for as long as you love to do it!

What we'll do

My work incorporates a combination of different techniques in order to best meet my client’s needs. I practice a wide range of modalities, including: Pain management: Helps manage and relieve chronic or acute pain. Sports massage: Helps treat injury, prevent future injuries, decrease pain, and increase mobility, improving athletic performance. I have advanced certification in sports massage. Deep tissue massage: Uses deep, focused pressure to realign underlying musculature and connective tissue in order to relieve tension and pain, and increase mobility. Medical massage: Focuses on relieving chronic or acute pain from surgery, injury or a medical condition. Can alleviate depression associated with any such condition and speed the recovery process. I have advanced certification in medical massage. Myofascial release: Stretches and elongates connective tissue in order to reduce fascial restrictions and improve posture and flexibility. Trigger Point therapy: Applies direct pressure to specific hyperirritable points located within taut bands of muscle tissue or fascia. This increases blood flow to the area and releases the trigger point. This therapy decreases local and referred pain, improves mobility, and helps prevent further trigger points from developing. PNF stretching: Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching utilizes techniques that engage the nervous system and soft tissue to increase range of motion and optimize motor function. PNF stretching is great for rehabilitation as well as athletes looking to enhance their performance. Myoskeletal therapy: Addresses both the myofascial and skeletal systems to alleviate stubborn pain conditions. Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques focus on joint mobilization through soft tissue manipulation. I have advanced certification in Myoskeletal alignment techniques. Prenatal & Perinatal massage: These facilitate stress reduction, pain relief, and improved health for both the mother and baby throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum recovery. I have advanced certification in prenatal massage. Swedish massage: A soothing, relaxing massage using firm but gentle pressure. Main benefits include stress reduction and improved circulation.



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