"Expertise in Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine [to improve every aspect of day and night]"

Menlo Park, CA , United States

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Our goal in everything we do is treat each each symptom as part of a bigger picture, with careful attention to every aspect of your day and night. Expertise in psychiatry and optimization of sleep, is applied to a naturalistic, and complete treatment plan that achieves the best possible outcomes. We maximize tools, and minimize meds, for effects that last. Whether you are depressed, anxious, can't sleep or have trouble with attention or memory, now you can find answers in one place. Beyond comprehensive medical care, a boutique practice model allows easy doctor access and dedicated staff for medications and scheduling.

What we'll do

Forgetful? Waking up often during the night? Tired during the day? Feel like doing things, but don't have the energy to do them? Poor sleep quality is very often the explanation. We spend one third of our lives asleep, and poor sleep can have substantially detrimental effects on life quality. Restful sleep allows the brain to process and store information, rehearse for important events, and is the basis for mood and creativity. At Menlo Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine we offer a comprehensive program to diagnose and treat all sleep disorders, with testing available in your own home as needed. Conditions treated: Insomnia (trouble falling, or staying asleep) Restless Legs Syndrome (itching or burning feet at night) Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (need for excessive sleep, sleepiness by day) Fatigue (tiredness, low energy by day) Delayed or Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome (falling asleep too late or too early) Sleep Apnea (loud snoring, pauses in breathing at night, frequent awakenings) INSOMNIA: Services offered: Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for insomnia - an effective and proven method to improve and maintain sleep with a minimum or no medication Medication - when needed, we'll work together to find the most minimal and conservative medications to help you sleep when you need to - and we'll continue to work on techniques to further reduce your need for medication going forward. Comprehensive care - In addition to a complete evaluation of sleep issues and patterns, we always explore daytime factors that may be contributing to poor sleep. We'll explore factors such as stress, anxiety, and daily habits that may be hurting your sleep at night, and give you the tools to improve you sleep from every possible angle. With a background in both Sleep Medicine and Psychiatry, we offer a unique approach to achieving the best possible outcomes. SLEEP APNEA: Services offered: In home testing for sleep apnea DME supplies and delivery - CPAP, masks, tubing, filters CPAP data download, and relay to Menlo Psych and Sleep (with modification to settings if needed) Mask fitting and trial of various masks Home sleep environment optimization Regular scheduled "tune up" visits, to modify device settings, review data, and make sure you are getting the best night of sleep possible. Sleep coaching



for "Expertise in Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine [to improve every aspect of day and night]"

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