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Negotiation Skills Workshop

Chicago, IL , United States

About Your Host

I am a well rounded business person with an extensive career history. I held high level managerial roles in Human Resources, Marketing and Information Technology. I have international work experience in London, Hamburg, Dubai, and Algiers. My skills include strategy planning and execution, people development, budgeting and project management. Furthermore, I am a Fulbright Scholar; I was granted a scholarship to study for my MBA (Masters in Business Administration) in 2011, and completed my masters in 2013. Powered with my education (BSc and MBA) as well as my many years of work experience and international travel, I started my own company in the food industry based in San Francisco. I have much to offer and share my experiences in business, culture, languages, cooking and travel.

What we'll do

Please do NOT request to book with less than 24 hours of advance notice! Think about the last time you bought a car, negotiated your pay, agreed with a customer on a product price, or got consensus with your kids on where to dine. How did it go? Were you happy with the outcome? Did you get what you wanted? There is science behind a good negotiation, it’s a skill that can be learned. This is a workshop for developing and enhancing your negotiation skills be it in a business environment or personal environment. You will learn 17 tactics, negotiation styles, the skills of trade offs, setting negotiable items and non negotiable ones. The workshop begins with a Self Assessment followed by a couple of exercises from Harvard Business cases to demonstrate negotiation concepts.



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    $250 USD

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    $250 USD

    per person