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Cyr Wheel Workshop - All Levels!

Los Angeles, CA , United States

About Your Host

Hello! I'm Jessica, and I am professionally trained in ballet, modern, and jazz dance. I also possess 13 years of aerial training and performance experience and have been teaching aerial arts for the past 11 years. Wanting to share my aerial knowledge with others, I opened The Aerial Classroom in Southern CA in 2005 and have been teaching ever since. Many high schools, colleges, and fitness studios have invited me to lead aerial programs to introduce unique ways of exercise to their students and to open up opportunities to expand the curriculum for students in performing arts. In addition to teaching, I enjoy performing aerials with my burlesque aerial company, the Aerial Showgirls, and my circus troupe, Circus Lux. The Aerial Classroom is located in North Hills, CA, and offers aerial circus training for ages 8 and up. Classes are offered weekly in aerial tissu, hoop, hammock, static trapeze, and spanish web for all levels.

What we'll do

Join us as we host an exciting circus workshop in Roue Cyr taught by founder of Spinnovation Performing Arts Troupe, Sam Tribble! Cyr Wheel is a fun and unique ground apparatus that uses a large, body-sized ring that students can roll and spin from while hanging on or inside of the wheel. About the workshop: Each session will begin with a 10 minute basic warm up incorporating stretches and body movement that will facilitate learning. Progressive Axis Training (PAT) technique will be explained and students will learn how to manipulate the wheel in all three plans of movement in addition to understanding how to perpetuate momentum in the apparatus. Students will also be taught progression and safety considerations for the art of Roue Cyr. After the initial warm-up, students will spend 20 minutes learning basic wheel manipulation for safety with the focus of finding control and predictability of their apparatus. The remainder of the class will be spent in and out of the wheel learning two basic techniques for "spinning" inside the wheel. An emphasis will be placed on learning various techniques for initiating the "waltz." Creative movement and individual styles of expression with Roue Simple will also be explored. About Sam Tribble: Sam has been a private instructor for fitness models, cheerleaders and gymnasts for the past 26 years. Formerly a collegiate gymnast, he is a five time National competitor and has been inducted into Sacramento’s Hall of fame for outstanding athletes, including MVP and All American honors. Pulling from his extensive physical background, Sam transitioned into in the art of Roue Cyr. He is the founder of Spinnovation Performing Arts Troupe which offers Cyr entertainment, educational workshops, and custom built Cyr wheel equipment. Over years of teaching Roue Cyr to performers and competitive athletes in Mono Wheel, Sam developed a technique called Progressive Axis Training (PAT). This technique is now the standard curriculum at Fullerton Junior College for the art and sport of Mono wheel AKA Cyr wheel. In addition to being the US World Team Mono wheel coach he also trains athletes for the Junior Olympic programs governed by USA gymnastics in CA. Sam now enjoys taking his talents to Venice and Santa Monica (old muscle beach), where he practices his skills in hand balancing, flying trapeze, and the extraordinary traveling rings.



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