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Los Angeles, CA , United States

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Tanya Alexander provides private acting, dance, pole and fitness lessons to single students, couples and groups. Whether you're a beginner wanting to learn the basics of improvisation or pole art, a couple designing a wedding dance, or a theatre company needing coaching and staging, Tanya "SuperNova T" can help you achieve your goals. Lessons include personalized and customized instruction to increase acting techniques, as well as stage presence, physical stamina & coordination. Dance & fitness classes help improve strength & tone, and better your flexibility. Staging and choreography sessions are customized for any special event or performance and can include musical theatre, Latin ballroom, Salsa, Rumba, Tango, Hip hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Funk, African, beginner Tap and Freestyle dance. It's Time to Shine...

What we'll do

Pole dance, art & fitness lessons for single students or couples! Classes focus on pole tricks, spins and combos while increasing strength, flexibility, dance technique, form and endurance! From beginner to intermediate levels. Choreography and coaching available for professionals and competitors. Materials used: X Pole (spin and static) Student requirements: Exercise mat, bikini top, tank top or sports bra, shorts or briefs Weight limit: 190 lbs



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