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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA , United States

About Your Host

Gary “Boom Boom” Ballard, former World Super Middle Weight Championship Fighter, has provided professional personal training services in Orange County, CA for more than 16 years. In addition to group boxing classes & cardio boxing training, Gary offers comprehensive personal training programs that include: strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, core conditioning, balance training, range of motion training & nutrition consultation. Gary takes pride in his ability to provide hands-on coaching and training and has received only glowing 5-star reviews from current and past clients. When you train with Gary Ballard, you not only improve your physical strength, you get assistance with obtaining full-body wellness through nutritional guidance, motivational support and community support from people that share similar goals and interests.

What we'll do

Whether you are an experienced boxer or just looking to add something new to your workout regimen, our adult boxing workouts at Ballard Fitness can help you get the physical results you are looking to achieve, set you towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle, and give you the support to tackle anything that life throws your way. You'll be learning directly from World Super Middle Weight Championship Fighter, Gary Ballard. For his workouts, Ballard draws from his 35-years of professional boxing, and combines that experience with his knowledge of personal training, to create a full-body workout using boxing techniques, conditioning drills and strength training. Each class is uniquely designed to keep participants interested and on their toes. Ballard incorporates boxing-based exercises into a warm-up and full-body workout. Workouts are designed to increase power, speed and conditioning through shadow boxing, heavy bag work, mitt drills, jump rope, and more. Athletes will strengthen and increase cardiovascular endurance, muscle toning, strength training, core conditioning, balance training, and range of motion.



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    $20 USD

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