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Core Group Circuit Training

Lake Forest, CA , United States

About Your Host

Founder of Corenetic Gym. We offer three unique group circuit training classes – Core, BodyCore and HardCore. All three classes are trainer-led and never the same twice. We keep things fresh by rotating hundreds of different exercises and routines, keeping the body alert and awake. Get the attention of personal training and the excitement of a group workout at the same time!

What we'll do

"Core" - C.orrective O.ptimizing R.epair E.xercises mainly focuses on balance and stabilizing the body at every angle. When the body is stable this allows the energy within your bodies frame to transfer through it at a more efficient rate. This training also prepares the bodies tissue and ligaments upcoming advanced exercises. "Achieve Total Balance!" *10 exercises / 20-10 rest / 3 sets / 1 minute breaks



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    $12 USD

    per person

    $12 USD

    per person