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Parkour and Free Running lesson

Corte Madera, CA , United States

About Your Host

JB was born in southern California and raised in San Pedro. His mother, father, and brother are a big part of his life. Growing up he can remember this need to constantly challenge himself. He did this in many ways: gymnastics, skateboard, sliding down the stairs in cardboard boxes, snowboard, surfing, rope swings, basketball, baseball, swimming, making up obstacle courses, climbing trees, beach, volleyball and of course monkeying around. In high school he focused on basketball and played 4 years on the varsity team for Palos Verdes High and loved it. He is still very close with his coaches and teammates from that time. JB Moved to Sonoma County in 2006 and attended Sonoma State University where he earned a business management degree. In 2010 he started an internship as Director of marketing at Rohnert Park Gymnastics where they had a brand new parkour class. One thing lead to another... and when he graduated in 2011 it was clear his passions were movement and inspiring movement in others. JB believes that God has a plan for him and it involves sharing his innate ability for movement with others. Since working at the Cave JB has picked up slack lining and an interest in CrossFit. The Cave also helped him train for American Ninja Warrior 4 and 5 where he made it to the finals in Las Vegas both times. Season 4 falling on stage 2 on the unstable bridge and ANW 5 failing on the jumping spider in stage one of Mount Madoriama. He has tried out for season ANW 6 and 7 but hasn't received a call back. But he says that doesn't discourage him from training and continuing to strive for total victory. Wish him luck as he is always tr

What we'll do

Message me through Verlocal to book a date and time! Do you want to get in shape by having fun? See the world as a giant playground again? And meet quality human beings? if yes then Parkour and Free Running is for you you. We will spend time getting properly warmed up. Talk about past or current injuries. Set goals. Then get into some of the basic movements such as running, jumping, landing, balance, vaulting, rolling, climbing and of course falling.



for Parkour and Free Running lesson

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    $65 USD

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    $65 USD

    per person