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Trooper Fitness Personal Training Session

Manhattan, NY , United States

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What has now become the epitome of empowerment through community and fitness in NYC, Trooper is much more than a fitness facility. We are a family prided through grit and overcoming challenges together. We have grown into a full one stop shop for strength training, performance and conditioning. This is just beginning and we look forward to helping more people recognize their potential, not only in the fitness arena, but in life. OUR TEAM Our diversified, intelligent, and driven coaches will go above and beyond to keep you Trooper Strong in and out of the Trooper Camps. We take pride in being your best motivators! We are all in for your Success! OUR AIM Our aim is to inspire you to succeed at any and every goal. We help you build the confidence of a Trooper by helping you reach your fitness goals, step by step, through hard work and perseverance. This confidence will transcend the gym and helps you achieve success in all aspects of life. CLASSES • Boot Camp • Sports Conditioning • Run Conditioning • Calisthenics • Fight Camp • Trooper Metabolic Conditioning • Lower Body Strength Conditioning • Upper Body Strength Conditioning • OCR Boot Camp • Power & Strength Camp

What we'll do

Your health is your business, and like every business, you need a business plan. Realize the benefits and take advantage of having a professional workout routine customized specifically toward your goals and needs. Do this with a coach walking you through every step of the way, keeping your workout safe and effective through technique cuing and pushing you beyond your own mental barriers (we all have them). - Enjoy convenient one-on-one coaching - Gain motivation and build confidence - Learn safe and proven methods that take the guesswork out of your workout - Stimulate your workouts with new programs that evolve as your body changes - Avoid workout plateaus and ruts - Measure and track your progress through assessments and evaluations



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    $150 USD

    per person

    $150 USD

    per person