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Learn to Salsa with Gusto!: Level 1.5 Beginners

San Francisco, CA , United States

About Your Host

Ricardo Tellez was born in Mexico City and began dancing at age 12. His first exposure to dance involved styles such as Cumbia, Guaracha, Guaguanco, Guajira, Cha-Cha-Cha,Son Montuno, and Salsa. In 1995 after moving to the Bay Area, Rico began studying Salsa under Gabriel Romero. He accelerated his progress in dance by practicing what he learned in clubs all over the Bay Area. In 1998, Ricardo began teaching Salsa in San Francisco. As the creator of the ON5 Salsa dancing, Ricardo now teaches workshops around the country in his unique style. Ricardo has performed internationally: Italy, Germany, Mexico, Jamaica, Cali Colombia, Canada, India, Puerto Rica, and Ecuador. Ricardo founded RicaSalsa in August 1999. In 2007, Ricardo began dancing with Tianne Frias. Ricardo and Tianne are two-time World Salsa Championship Finalists. In 2010, they placed 3rd in the ON1 Division at the World Latin Dance Cup in San Diego.

What we'll do

Social Dancing has become one of the most powerful fun And fitness activities in the San Francisco bay area. I believe the Salsa fundamentals are the key to become a good social dancer. When you learn the basics, it becomes easier to do the advanced variations. I teach 100% Social dancing Techniques and musicality! List of the salsa basics without any variations: 1. Right Turn (outside Turn) 2. Cross Body Lead (CBL) 3. Left Turn (check Turn) 4. Reverse Cross body lead 5. Basket 6. Inside Turn 7. Back spot turn 8. Copa 9. 360 Cross Body Lead 10. Redirected Basic (Copa and 360 CBL are the only basics created with variations) Level 1.5 Beginners: Cross Body Lead and right turns Variations and tools



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